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Estate Jewelry

What is Estate Jewelry?

Everyone loves a story Estate jewelry offer just that. Antique refers to estate jewelry that is more than 100 years old. Estate jewelry falls under the 100-year mark and is generally from the collection of someone who is deceased. Jewelry by well-known contemporary designers also can be considered estate jewelry if previously owned.

Years of history give estate jewelry a unique appeal. Not only is each piece of estate jewelry one of a kind, but it also offers old-world craftsmanship for a great price. The top-quality craftsmanship exhibited in these pieces is truly an art that is hard to find today.

Where to Buy Estate Jewelry

It is with great pride that we offer the area’s biggest and best selection of estate and vintage jewelry!  Come in to our Downtown Location to browse through a myriad of rings, pendants, pins, and bracelets,  all from a time gone by, and at exceptional prices! Every piece a slice of history and has a story to tell.  Our selection is very fluid with pieces coming in and being sold regularly so stop in or check back often. WE ARE … Indiana’s Jeweler!


How to Sell Estate Jewelry?

Do you have jewelry you've inherited or no longer want, but might want to sell? We're here to help. Whether you want an appraisal to help value a collection, or want to sell a single piece, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TODAY to talk with us.