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Your Jewelry Will We Treated With Respect And Care At All Times

Thank you for trusting Luxenberg's Jewelers with the proper care of your treasured pieces. They pride themselves in providing personalized service to you, the customer. In the end, we ensure we meet all of your needs.

Affordable jewelry services from friendly faces

We offer a full suite of all possible jewelry repairs. Whether it’s a family heirloom or a broken chain, we can handle any repair. If you own jewelry that needs work, we have the ability to help you with whatever work you need done. And it will be done at a Master Jeweler level of competency and quality. Our customers have been trusting us with their jewelry for nearly four decades. We stand behind our work 100% and guarantee your satisfaction.

Jewelry Repair & Restoration

Restore fine jewelry to its original beauty. From simple sizing and stone tightening, to more intricate stone settings and hand-designed pieces. We specialize in restoring old jewelry such as vintage, antique or estate jewelry. Restoration services range from replacing a missing old style diamond on an antique ring to complete restoration or making it into something else.


Custom Jewelry Design

The custom design process is a great way to express yourself. At Luxenberg's, we will personally guide you through the design process, step-by-step, from start to finish. We look forward to working with you to make your unique vision a reality. We can literally begin with your conceptual sketch on a napkin and refine the design to a beautiful fine piece of jewelry that you will cherish.

Ring Sizing

A ring which is properly adjusted to the size of your finger should feel a little bit tight. It should slide easily onto your finger and come off a bit harder with a slight brush against your skin. When resized properly, the ring will maintain its original round shape (in most instances) and no stones will be damaged. When making a ring smaller, a portion of the band will be cut out and cut ends rejoined with precious metal solder, such as gold or platinum. After restoring circular shape, the jeweler solders the ring back together, cleans it, and polishes it to restore the smooth surface. If you find you need to enlarge your ring, it may be stretched (as long as there are no stones) or cut and enlarged with additional pieces soldered into the gap. There are some rings that cannot be resized due to their material properties. If your ring is made of titanium, tungsten or cobalt, and was purchased at Luxenberg's, the manufacturer of the ring usually allows you to trade the ring in for a different size for a minimal fee.

Jewelry Insurance

We have found what we believe is the best value offering in the marketplace for Jewelry Insurance for our customers. We have seen examples when insurance companies did not pay claims fairly. The company that we recommend for your needs is what we consider to be the best in the industry. Our first-hand experience with them proved it to us. We do not sell insurance and we don’t get a commission. But we believe that you deserve someone to guide you based upon real experience. You can deal with them directly, or we can help you sign-up with them on our store I-Pad, pay them with your credit card, and walk out of the store with your coverage in place. We think that you deserve for jewelry insurance to be easy and affordable. And if you have a loss, you deserve to be treated fairly.

Insurance Replacements

Have you lost a diamond or a piece of jewelry? Luxenberg's Jewelerscan help you. We work directly with many insurance companies to resolve jewelry insurance claims. We can work with your insurance company to restore or replace your item, whether it is a single lost stone, broken prong, an entire ring, or your entire collection of jewelry. We will work within the confines of the insurance company mandates and act as your advocate to assure that you are heard, get what you want, and are happy at the end of the process.

Buying Gold, Silver & Large Diamonds

Luxenberg's Jewelersis the most qualified buyer of your large diamonds, gold, platinum, silver and rare coins. Our experts will take the time to inspect and evaluate all of your items and give you a fair price for them, based on their condition and value. There’s no appointment necessary – come on in to get started!